There are lots of wonderful things going on right now!  I received a mention in the latest issue of Pan Pipes for winning their professional development grant last year, which is the grant that sponsored my trip to go play at and attend Clarinetfest.  I am also working on an article that I am writing for a future issue of Pan Pipes which was one of the requirements of the grant.  Really I would do this even if it was not required, I am excited to get to do the presentation!  It is always a welcomed opportunity to talk about music and share what I love to do.

Speaking of opportunities, the Texas Clarinet Colloquium is back again this year and is once again free.  All of my students who are reading this page, sign up to go if you are able.  Mark Nuccio and Jose Franch-Ballester are a few of the many artists who are scheduled to play.  Also, I’ve updated the “Student Opportunities” section of this website if you are looking for other conferences, competitions, or festivals to participate in.