Sunday, February 10, 2013

Here's an action shot of me playing in the orchestra!  From the Monroe Symphony’s Facebook page.
We had such a great and enthusiastic audience last night at the Monroe Symphony concert.  Darth Vader was even kind enough to make a guest appearance!  I thankfully made it home before the insane thunderstorm/hailstorm hit last night and now have a glorious day off to get caught up on everything.  Which is good, because I have a concert with the Abilene Philharmonic and an audition to get ready for in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow, H. Karlsson Woodwinds is throwing a clarinet party with Lee Livengood on hand to talk about mouthpieces so I’ll definitely be dropping by for a little while to try out some mouthpieces.  The Facebook invitation is on her page so feel free to RSVP and drop by as well if you’re in the area.

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