ClarinetFest: Day 3

Another extremely busy day just flew by!  I didn’t even make it to the booths to try out the rest of the new equipment that I didn’t get to try yesterday but tomorrow I’m going first thing before everyone starts packing it up.

This morning, I got to check out a few lectures focusing on the teaching of Robert Marcellus.  The first lecture that was led by Dennis Nygren and John Weigand focused on teaching technique.  The second was a panel discussion focusing on the summer master classes that Marcellus taught between 1975 until 1991.  Apparently, these master classes were recorded on reel to reel tapes and have now been converted to digital media and will be available to the public through the Northwestern University library.  This is pretty exciting!  I was not able to stay until the end of this discussion so if anyone got the scoop on when they will be available, please share!

Afterwards, I went to the recital hall and checked out some performances by Malena McLaren, Gregory Oakes, and the Ironwood Trio.  After lunch, we also attended Jessica Phillips Rieske’s master class.  The evening concert focused on duos with wind ensemble and afterwards we headed to the Embassy for a UNT reunion and the Vandoren party.  We had a good time!  One more full day left and then on Sunday I’ll be playing with the 44 contra clarinet ensemble.