We made it back from Arizona late last night.  It was a really great trip and my horn playing hubby decided to join me since we are on a hiatus from lessons this week.  Summer lessons begin next week for us so we are catching up on a flurry of scheduling emails today in preparation for that!

While we were there, we visited the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson.  It was incredible, as was the heat!  Walking trails take you through parts of the desert where you can be up close to coyotes and javelina, an indoor aviary, a hummingbird house, and a fossil exhibit.

To give you an idea of how huge these cactus are, here’s my husband next to one.  He’s six feet, four inches tall.

Someone has a great sense of humor at this museum.  On the top is a diamondback snake (obviously identifiable by its accessories) and on the bottom is the habitat of a blue death feigning beetle.

We had some excellent fried ice cream and flautas from Teresa’s Mosaic Cafe

And a fun picture for the road!

Next week is OU Clarinet Symposium and I’m so excited that it’s back!  If you want updates throughout the conference, you can follow me on Twitter, my Twitter handle is @clarinotes.  I’ll post a recap on here as well.