OU Clarinet Symposium Part III

The second day of symposium was action packed and we were pretty exhausted, so the third and final day was made possible by coffee!

Charles Neidich’s master class was informative and focused on fundamentals.  He explained the harmonic series to a student and had them play some harmonic exercises.  Embouchure was also a big focal point.

After a quick and delicious lunch at Padthai, we attended Chad Burrow's recital.  I really enjoyed his Variations sur un air du Pays D’oc by Cahuzac and KlezMuzik by Simon Sargon.

We snuck away for one last run through the exhibits, where I bought way too much music and played with lots of accessories.  Here are some colorful ligatures from the Lomax booth.

I also thought that this Bass/Bb/A triple case was amazing.  It is pretty light but also has wheels as well. 

I also had a great time trying out equipment at Buffet, Muncy Winds, Vandoren, and Lisa’s Clarinet Shop to name a few.  It’s like Christmas in June for a clarinetist! 

We ended our stay at the symposium with Greg Raden’s master class which focused on orchestral excerpts.  He talked about the necessity of having the full part since many excerpt books are filled with errors and about how imperative it is to mindfully practice and make sure that you are making corrections.  The importance of knowing what each piece is about, especially in a programmatic piece such as Symphonie Fantastique was also discussed.  

OU Clarinet Symposium was a great experience and I am glad that it has returned!  It’s always great to get together with friends and to make new ones.  I have certainly returned home with a lot of new ideas and lots of inspiration.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible and for showing us a wonderful time.