It's been an excellent summer but it has really flown by with gigs, traveling, and students keeping me busy!  I had a great time performing South Pacific with the Monroe Symphony as well as some Fourth of July concerts and recording sessions.

With liberty and clarinet for all!
One of the highlights of the summer was attending Clarinet Colloquium in Dallas.  I've attended some of the past conferences at Texas A&M Commerce but this is the first year that it has been held in Dallas and they did a really great job of organizing and hosting a wonderful event.  I was able to attend masterclasses by Andre Moisan, Ricardo Morales, Forest Aten, Michael Lowenstern, and Kim Cole as well as tons of concerts by many other talented clarinetists.  There were also lots of vendors present which was great since I'm preparing to buy a new instrument very soon.

Aside from clarinet related activities, we've been busy training for another half marathon at the end of this month.  Our travels took us to Atlanta, Georgia; Memphis, Tennessee; and Galveston, Texas. 
Go Braves! 

Overlooking the city of Memphis. 

Dinner on the pier in Galveston.

A long run in Monroe.
I'm looking forward to this coming season with an upcoming solo recital in October at Howard College in Big Spring, Texas and lots of other great concerts.