ClarinetFest Day 2

One of the many exhibit hall rooms.
The exhibits at ClarinetFest are open which means that it's time to try out all of the latest and greatest clarinet equipment that can be found!  We finished setting up our booth first thing this morning and of course I went around and visited other booths as time allowed.  I have more ground to cover over the next few days and lots of things to try since there are tons of vendors here.  
Trying out a basset clarinet.
A clarinet made of boxwood

Lisa's Clarinet Shop even has a photo booth! 

I also had the chance to attend Michele Zukovsky's presentation about her father's experience studying with Simeon Bellison. She shared stories, photos, recordings and included her own musical demonstrations. I was also able to attend the Backun artist recital this afternoon and you can check out that concert report on the ClarinetFest blog where I'll be doing some guest blogging.

Michele Zukovsky accompanied by Steven Harlos.