Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I just returned home from Louisiana very early this morning from our Valentine's Pop concert with the Monroe Symphony. This is always a fun event because there are tables set up for guests to dine at and decorate so it's very festive. It also fell right before Mardi Gras and we were treated to some delicious King Cake during one of the rehearsal breaks.

While I was in Monroe my colleague gave me Silverstein's new Omniguard lip protector to try out (thanks Scot!). I've used EZO for years to protect my lip while I play and have been fairly happy with it over the years but wanted to give this a try. The pack includes the Omniguard, a pair of tweezers, a handy carrying case, and instructions for molding it to your teeth.

It's extremely simple to use and if you mess it up, the item is able to be remolded...I tested this feature out since I didn't get it quite molded the way I wanted to the first time. You simply have to boil a little water and wait for it to cool to 140 degrees Fahrenheit then dip the Omniguard into the hot water using the tweezers. The Omniguard turns clear once it's ready to mold and you can fold it over your teeth and press it down to shape it. It only takes a few minutes to set and will turn white once it's finished. You can trim up any sections that may be rough or a little big. The first thing I noticed as I practiced with the omniguard this afternoon is that it really stays put and it's very comfortable and smooth. Some other products that I've used can feel very waxy but this isn't the case here. I also like that the material is thick. It's meant to be used for about a year before you have to replace it. I'm sold on it, anything that makes performing more comfortable is well worth it for me.