Check Out My Newest Publications!

        I have had a number of publications both online and in print come out over the past few months that I have been rather pleased with. The first can be found in the September Issue of The Clarinet Journal by The International Clarinet Association and is entitled An Exploration of 3D Printing and the Clarinet. In the article, I interviewed both Walter Grabner, the sole proprietor of, and Ryan Pereira, the owner of Pereira 3D. Let me tell you, these interviews were fascinating! I knew that 3D printing technology had grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years, but I did not realize how accurate these machines have become. In the article, I explored how both of these artists are harnessing the power of the technology to create mouthpieces, ligatures, barrels, and even entire instruments out of different materials. This article is available for International Clarinet Associate members both online and through the printed journal. 

        If you are looking for some awesome free content to read, check out The Clarinet Online, where you can find concert reviews, audio and book reviews, composer highlights, and much more! I have had the pleasure of writing a number of articles for them over the years, the most recent being a series of concert reviews from my recent ClarinetFest trip in Denver, Colorado. One of my favorites events from the conference was master pedagogue Yehuda Gilad's Masterclass on Day Three of ClarinetFest. Watching him work with each student and address not only the musical and technical aspects of playing, but also the mental side of performing was inspirational. I also was able to attend Mark Nuccio and Maria Du Toit's Recital and Interview sessions on the same day. The format of this recital was enjoyable because it added a personal touch to hear from both performers on a variety of topics. Finally, The Evening Band Concert on Day Two was so much fun and featured Nadia Sofokleous, Ecesu Sertesen, Alcides Rodriguez, and the USAF Academy Band. This concert did an excellent job of showcases works for both the band and the soloist as well as providing a variety of standard and newer works. 

        Last but not least, I want to thank Sigma Alpha Iota for the beautiful feature of me in this month's Pan Pipes Journal! They were one of the sponsors (along with Buffet-Crampon) for my recital at the International Clarinet Association's conference ClarinetFest. I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization that always supports new musical endeavors. Stay tuned for more upcoming publications and they come out!