Finishing Up The Spooky Season!


        As anyone can tell you, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! So having a great mix of themed holiday concerts in conjunction with my usual assortment of classical concerts is a fabulous balance for me. I ended up getting to play the soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with the Dallas Symphony this month, which is really fun as someone who adores movie soundtracks and is a huge Harry Potter series fan. I also performed in several other concerts with Dallas Symphony this month including some concerts with Ben Folds, a woodwind quintet recital, a Halloween concert in Greenville where I wore one of my Barbie costumes, and a Dia de los Muertos concert. That program was so much fun and included Gabriela Ortiz Antropolis, Chavez Sinfonia India, Suite from Coco, Moncayo Huapango, Marqez Danzon No. 2, and Conga del Fuego Nuevo. 
        I also performed with Allen Philharmonic where I am the Principal Clarinetist and had fun wearing my other Barbie costume for a family-friendly concert by candlelight. It was a big hit! This month also included subbing in with the Dallas Opera for Tosca, a trip to San Angelo to play bass clarinet with the symphony, polka fun at Celina Oktoberfest, and a procession for the Feast of the Lord of Miracles. I must say, things never get boring with this level of variety!